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Personalised services at your convenience

We offer the following shopping services:

  • Supermarket Shopper: Mercadona, Supercor, Lidl and Overseas
  • Personal Shopper: Any shop within Sotogrande

We charge 20€ per hour for our time, with free delivery included! Contact us if there is anything you need.

We also offer;

  • Home Mechanic (35€ per hour): Have our mechanic come down to your home, with no call out fee, to inspect any issue that you may have with your vehicle and be given an onsite diagnosis, and repair if possible. If further work is required a quote will be provided for this with the same hourly rate. Equally skilled both in modern and classic cars, with many years experience in both.
  • ITV Service (Inspección Técnica de Vehículo or MOT):  We will take care of the whole process of organising and completing the ITV of your vehicle, from booking it, preparing the vehicle, taking the vehicle to the ITV station to carry out the test, and organising any maintenance work that may be necessary for it to pass.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: If you are away a lot of the time and are worried about the maintenance of your car, contact us to look after it for you. We will take responsibility for the servicing, ITV (MOT), and making sure that its in pristine condition for when you return.
  • Zara Delivery Returns (10€ per trip): Avoid the hassle of having to go to the Zara shop and queue up just to return the clothes you bought online. Contact The Jolly Home to do it for you! We will collect your purchase from your home and return it to the Zara store for you, so you can receive your refund without moving a finger!

Please contact us to arrange any of the above services.